CA2600 Version History

1.0.20 (11/9/2020)

  • "Favorites" category added to preset managers. Right-click on preset to add it to Favorites
  • Fixed VST3 host window resizing issue with some Windows DAWs 
  • Fixed high-frequency aliasing artifacts potentially introduced at 44.1 kHz 
  • Fixed preset recall issue in Reason 
  • Fixed Pro Tools automation issue that can cause a freeze 
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for zoom
  • Recent preset list persisting properly between sessions, and is shared between instances. 
  • Fixed custom user preset folder location not sticking 
  • Fix for saving preset while QWERTY musical keyboard visible triggering notes

Build 89 (11/6/2020)

  • Fixes VCA AR Lin/Exp and ADSR Lin/Exp switches
  • Fix for 4-pole filter resonance peak offset

1.0.17 (11/01/2020)

  • Initial Release