DCO-106 Version History

Build 42 (10/28/2020)

  • Fixes issue with LFO cutting out on notes held via sustain pedal 
  • LFO and Arpeggiator Clock reset even when not in sync mode at start of playback

1.0.18 (10/19/2020)

  • Plug-in now remembers last-used scaling
  • Plug-in now remembers last-used MIDI mappings. This can be disabled in the preferences
  • Fixed Pro Tools & Logic crash with mono tracks
  • Reverb & delay are flushed when the plug-in is reset, and synced LFO & Arpeggiator are reset
  • Only auto-launching installer updates (if preference is set) if interface has been shown
  • Fixed preset code to better handle presets names with illegal file characters such as /?*
  • Fixed channel pressure MIDI mapping
  • Fixed bug that could show duplicate preset collections with same name
  • Fixed rare automation bug during mix down

Build 40 (10/19/2020)

  • Improved chorus effect in multiple small ways to match the original Juno chorus, including not disrupting lower frequencies
  • Fixed manual entering of Arpeggiator rate slider value
  • Square wave LFO is now unipolar
  • LFO + Mod Wheel gain was too high
  • LFO Delay is now hooked up to the VCA LFO
  • LFO and Arpeggiator Rate Sliders now work in "reverse" order when Sync button is on in these sections, mirroring the slider behavior when Sync is off
  • "VCO" changed to "DCO" in the Bender section 
  • Slider cap art improved to more accurately reflect original hardware

1.0.17 (10/12/2020)

  • Fixed issues with resizing the DAW's plug-in's window, in some DAWs
  • Fixed some minor issues in preset browser
  • Fixed issues with deleting and restoring factory presets
  • macOS version now supports 10.9 and up (was 10.11 and up)
  • Show correct clover symbol for Control key in macOS menus

1.0.13 (10/01/2020)

  • Initial Release