Polymode Synthesizer Version History

1.1.0 Build 52 (8/5/2021)

  • Now compatible with macOS 12.0 Monterey 
  • All text is now drawn with vector art, for the sharpest possible text at any zoom level 
  • DSP performance improvements and minor GUI bug fixes 
  • Added Focus button and one-click UI magnification (Ctrl+Click on PC and Command+Click on Mac)

Build 50 (2/23/2021)      

  • Fixed error in the background art values for Modulator 1 & 2 rate sliders

Build 49 (2/11/2021)    

  • Increased reverb headroom
  • Fix for very thin pulse waves with lots of polyphony causing audio to distort

1.0.7 (2/2/2021)

  • Fixed start-up crash on early macOS versions, including 10.9 
  • Fixed potential re-login issue when plug-in is sandboxed in Garage Band 
  • Fixed potential instrument tuning issue on very first run after installation completes
  • Fixed crash when exiting software while in MIDI Learn mode
  • Improved auto-resizing code, to ensure the instrument fits on a user's monitor at launch

1.0.5 (2/1/2021)

  • Initial Release