Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Version History

Build 64 (8/9/2021)

  • Corrected some subtle mistakes in the updated artwork

1.1.0 Build 62 (8/5/2021)

  • Now compatible with macOS 12.0 Monterey 
  • All text is now drawn with vector art, for the sharpest possible text at any zoom level 
  • DSP performance improvements and minor GUI bug fixes 
  • Added Focus button and one-click UI magnification (Ctrl+Click on PC and Command+Click on Mac)

1.0.17 (2/11/2021)    

  • Improved GUI performance overall
  • Improved Mac drawing efficiency significantly, especially on Big Sur
  • Fixed issue with preset list not always refreshing when saving a new preset
  • Host software updates now launch download website instead of auto-downloading and running installer, which some users found confusing
  • Tooltip preferences are now a little easier to understand
  • Improved auto-login code when running a new Cherry Audio plugin for the first time
  • On very first run, it was possible to resize without maintaining the proper aspect ratio
  • Fixed crash when exiting instrument with MIDI Learn Mode enabled
  • Improved auto-resizing code for plug-ins that don't fit on a user's monitor
  • Fixed possible instrument tuning issue on very first run

Build 61 (2/11/2021)    

  • Improved DAW sync for LFOs when starting playback at random locations

1.0.12 (12/10/2020)  

  • Fixed crash exiting application when Musical Typing Keyboard or About box is displayed 
  • Fixed potential crash with some DAWs when plug-in is in demo mode
  • Plug-in runs at native sample rate, resampling engine removed 
  • FL Studio no longer has clicks/static in audio in some cases  
  • Pro Tools plug-in now loads with proper default patch

Build 60 (12/10/2020)  

  • All DSP operates at the host's native sample rate, for improved CPU performance and sound quality

1.0.11 (11/25/2020)

  • Initial Release