New MPE Interface and Poly Unison modules released!

Today we've released two fantastic new modules for Voltage Modular. The first, MPE Interface, allows you to use a controller that supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression, such as the ROLI Seaboard, to control polyphonic modules, for incredibly expressive results. The MPE Interface is available for $10 in the Module Store.

Check out this video of the MPE Interface in action, being driven by a ROLI Seaboard Block MPE controller:

We've also released the new Poly Unison module, which is included for FREE with Voltage Core. With this module, you can play polyphonic modules in Unison mode, with all voices playing the same note. The Detune detunes each voice a different amount, so that the average tuning of all voices will remain at the original frequency. The end result? MASSIVE sound!

Watch this video demo of the Poly Unison module:

Dec 14, 2018