Voltage Module named one of the Top 5 Software Synthesizers of 2018 by GearNews.com

GearNews.com has named Voltage Module one of its Top 5 Software Synthesizers of 2018.

"Voltage Modular has begun to show its power and versatility," GearNews.com wrote in their Christmas Day article. "The drag-and-drop ease of use is excellent, the range of modules is comprehensive and it works both standalone and as a plugin. There are modules that will convert its internal CV signals to MIDI so that you can run out to external hardware. It can completely drop into a hardware modular system with its multiple input and output routings, MIDI and CV connections and plugin compatibility."

Discussing the rapid development of new features and modules in Voltage Modular, GearNews.com wrote, "the most recent update has brought polyphony in the shape of dedicated polyphonic modules and polyphonic patch cables to ease the patching. It continues to evolve and more third parties are developing for the format. You can even build your own modules with the free development tools."

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Dec 26, 2018