Voltage Modular named Best Software Modular Synthesizer of 2018 by SynthAnatomy.com

Voltage Modular has been named Best Software Modular Synthesizer Plugin Release of the Year 2018 by SynthAnatomy.com. 

SynthAnatomy.com highlights two reasons why Voltage Modular is one of their highlights of the year. "For one, the interface is easier and more intuitive," they explain in their writeup. "It offers visual feedback that is completely lacking in others, and it offers faster workflow (instant multies, faster cabling, etc.)."

"The other point for me," they continue, "is the sound quality. After a few tests, I like the sound better in Voltage Modular than in VCV Rack, for example. You can personally build quicker, more classic sounds here, which you can easily play with a MIDI keyboard, like fat basses, leads etc." 

SynthAnatomy.com also praises the new polyphonic abilities introduced into Voltage Modular 1.1. "I also like the fact that you can now build polyphonic patches, use it as plugin/standalone version without hassle, and third party companies can develop new modules for it. I’m very interested to see what the developers are planning." 

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Dec 28, 2018