Poly Quantizer and Poly Stereo Spread Released (FREE with Core!)

Happy New Year! Today we've released two new Poly modules, both of which are FREE for Voltage Core owners.

Poly Quantizer is a polyphonic version of our Quantizer module. It features lots of built-in scales, and the ability to easily create custom scales, too.

Poly Stereo Spread is a module designed to automatically pan polyphonic voices around the stereo spectrum. It's fantastic when used in conjunction with the Poly Unison module, as each voice is panned to a different stereo location. You can also replicate the stereo panning features of classic polyphonic synthesizers like the Oberheim OB-8, where each voice in a chord could be panned to a different stereo location. The stereo width can be modulated with control voltage, along with the overall stereo balance.

Enjoy these new modules! If you own Voltage Core, just run Voltage Modular and these new modules will appear in your library.

Voltage Modular Core + Misfit Audio Electro Drums now features a total of 102 modules, and we've got a whole lot more coming in 2019!

Jan 3, 2019