Voltage Modular 1.3.3 released! Plus a massive wave of new modules!

Today, we’ve released Voltage Modular 1.3.3, a significant new update to Voltage Modular. This powerful update includes:

  • Multi Threaded Mixing - On a fast computer with multiple cores, this feature can improve mixing performance considerably, but it will also use more CPU. You can activate this powerful new feature on the new CPU page of the Settings dialog.
  • The mixing process has been improved in multiple ways for more efficient mixing.
  • A shopping cart has been added to the Store tab. You can now add multiple items to the shopping cart and purchase them in one transaction. The shopping cart is also available on our web store.
  • Labels! Labels in different styles and colors can be added to any module. These labels can be placed anywhere on a module, and remain part of a module whether it’s moved, copied, etc. Great for making sense of complex patches.

As always, Voltage Modular will automatically download the new version, or you can get it immediately by visiting https://store.cherryaudio.com/my/library.

In addition, there’s a flood of exciting new modules available! Over 75 new modules have been released, including:

New Voltage Core Modules – FREE for Voltage Core owners! These modules include:

  • Sync To MIDI Clock - Converts Sync signal to MIDI Clock messages. Includes trigger/gate inputs for sending MIDI Start and MIDI Stop messages. Allows you to sync external MIDI gear to your DAW's tempo, or to a tempo generated by a Sync Generator module.
  • MIDI Clock Divider - Allows accurate synchronization to MIDI Clock. Divides from four beats to 1/32-notes, including dotted and triplet values. Easily sync Voltage Modular's sequencers to external clock!
  • Trigger To Gate Converter - Converts momentary trigger signals to longer gate signals. Gate length is adjustable between 5 and 5000 milliseconds, and gate length is adjustable with CV.
  • Plus, the Six-Input Mixer and Six-Input Stereo Mixer have been updated to include Mute and Solo buttons on every track.

New Vult Modules – Vult has just released the new Fury Bundle, which includes 8 brand new modules: 3 oscillators, 1 awesome kick drum module, 2 effects, a chaos source, and a cool voltage processor.

New Andrew Macaulay Modules – This awesome collection of control and utility modules is rapidly growing. Andrew Macaulay’s Ultimate Bundle now includes 25 modules and new presets. Plus, two FREE modules, Notes Panel 16HP and Notes Panel 8HP, are now available.

New Benard Modules – 11 different bundles available, including lots of complex and unusual modules designed for creating generative music. Benard's Total Bundle includes 38 modules, including 9 poly modules.

New Hetrick Modules – Veteran module developer Hetrick has entered the Voltage Modular universe, with a suite of new modules in development. His first two FREE modules, Dust and Crackle, are available now.


Feb 28, 2019