Voltage Modular 1.3.5 Update – QWERTY Musical Keyboard, a new powerhouse sequencer, and new modules from Insomniac Music, Benard, and PSP!

Voltage Modular 1.3.5 has just been released. This update features the new QWERTY Keyboard, which allows Voltage Modular to be played directly from your computer’s QWERTY keyboard. It's ideal for rapidly auditioning presets, testing and building complex patches, or working with Voltage Modular when a MIDI controller isn’t available.

Ctrl-K instantly shows or hides the QWERTY Keyboard. The number keys 0 - 9 control the mod wheel, and the Tab key sustains the keys. Press Shift-Tab to lock the sustain button down, and play several keys to easily drive an arpeggiator. The keyboard can be transposed by individual notes or by entire octaves, and it can also be played with a mouse. Working with Voltage Modular is now easier than ever!

The QWERTY Keyboard is also included with Voltage Module Designer for use when testing and debugging modules.

To upgrade to Voltage Modular 1.3.5 immediately, visit store.cherryaudio.com/my/library!

Cherry Audio has also released Octagon ($20), a powerhouse sequencer that allows super fast and easy creation of rhythmically elaborate patterns and melodies. Sequences can be up to 32 steps, and each step contains up to 8 gate pulses with numerous modes for extended note values, legato play, repeats, or user-defined patterns within each sequence step! Each step also includes ratcheting, skip, and slide controls. Octagon’s unique slide implementation allows traditional-style synth portamento or 303-style constant rate slide. Octagon also offers numerous step play order modes including an innovative CV control mode for “playing” steps via a keyboard controller or another sequencer.

Check out this video to see how fast and easy it is to create killer rhythmic patterns and melodies with Octagon!

Insomniac Music has joined Voltage Modular, releasing their new Probability Router Bundle ($12) which includes the Probability Router 125 and Probability Router 521 modules, both of which are ideal for West Coast-style randomness and sonic morphing.

Benard has added more modules to their collection, including Rotate Inputs, Multi-Delay, Random Out Switch, and the new polyphonic modules, Poly Panner and Poly Scale and Offset. These modules have been added to some of Benard’s existing bundles, so existing owners may already own these new modules!

PSP has released their new PolyADSR-S module, a polyphonic stereo version of their PolyADSR module, including key follow, expression control, and a loop option.

More third party modules are on the way, and will be released very soon!

Mar 14, 2019