Voltage Modular 1.3.11 Update - Global Preferences, Shared Threads!

Voltage 1.3.11 has been released today, with some small but important updates that will improve performance and help make Voltage Modular even more powerful.

For those using multiple threads and running Voltage Modular in a DAW, these mixing threads are now shared between multiple instances on Voltage Modular. This will help making mixing very efficient, while not overwhelming your computer's resources.

Users of FL Studio who are using samples rates other than 48 kHz will find that Voltage Modular works great now without setting any special flags in FL Studio.

Preferences in Voltage Modular are now global between instances, so if you have multiple instances of Voltage Modular loaded in a DAW, and you change the cable thickness or any other preference in the preference dialog, those changes will immediately get picked up by all other instances of Voltage Modular.

Users of the stand-alone version have a new preference. When you exit Voltage Modular stand-alone, your current patch will be remembered, and will come up exactly as you left it the next time you run Voltage Modular stand-alone. Pretty nifty!

For developers: we've updated our Java engine from Java 8 to Java 11, so module developers now have even more powerful tools in their toolbox. Also, developers can now call GetDefaultValue() on most controls, including sliders, switches, and knobs. Also, new notifications are sent at the start and end of loading a module preset.

Voltage Modular 1.3.11 is available now! Voltage Modular should automatically download the update, or, as always, you can visit https://store.cherryaudio.com/my/library to download the update immediately!

UPDATE: Voltage Modular 1.3.10, which was previous released, had a painting issue, and has been replaced with 1.3.11.

Apr 9, 2019