ESP-20 Processor, Hex Phaser, and some great new features!

We've got some exciting new modules hitting the store today, as well as a new update to Voltage Modular with some really nice new features, so let's get right to it!

ESP-20 Processor

The ESP-20 Processor ($10), now part of our MS Vintage Bundle ($30), recreates the slightly bizarre and endlessly useful External Signal Processor section of the classic MS-20 synthesizer. This includes a low cut filter, a high cut filter, gate and trigger outputs with a threshold setting, and an envelope follower. But the star of the show is the Frequency to Voltage converter, which analyzes incoming audio and generates matching voltages for controlling oscillator pitch and envelope amplitude. This lets you "play" Voltage Modular by singing, playing guitar, or any other monophonic signal source. ESP-20's frequency converter has a much wider range than the original for increased functionality, while still retaining the quirkiness of the original. Best of all, existing owners of the MS Vintage Bundle will find this new module is already in their library! This video shows some of the bizarre and inspiring ways the ESP-20 can be used:

Hex Phaser

The Hex Phaser ($15) just might be the most powerful, most flexible stereo phaser every created for a modular synthesizer. Everything on it is adjustable, including both the number of active stages and the stage at which feedback is introduced. Rate, depth, bandwidth, and feedback amount are fully modulatable. The unique Stereo Offset control changes the phase relationship between the LFO for the left channel and the LFO for the right channel, and modulating this control can lead to phaser heaven. An external LFO or other voltage source can even be used in place of Hex Phaser's built-in LFO! In short, there are a massive number of different tone colors available with this phaser. Check out this video for an introduction to Hex Phaser's intense capabilities:

Voltage Modular 1.3.14

You've asked us for some important features, and we've listened. The new Voltage Modular 1.3.14 update includes some really useful features:

  • The Plug-in Host and Mini Plug-in Host modules can now load plug-in files with multiple embedded plug-in files. When choosing a plug-in with multiple choices, you'll see a dialog like this one, and you'll be able to choose which embedded plug-in you'd like to load:
  • Voltage Modular's current Zoom setting will be remembered from session to session.

Module Designer 1.3.14

Module Designer has also been updated with some nice features, including a new preference for turning off tooltips in the module/library tree views, and the ability to set polyphony in the test app. Plus we added the ability to properly compile source code with Unicode characters embedded in it, and we fixed an issue where templatized class names or classes that derived from or implemented templatized interfaces (i.e. ClassName<type>) weren't showing up properly in the 'module' tree view.

As always, Voltage Modular will download the update automatically, but you can click "Check For Update" in the Account page of Voltage Modular's setting dialog, or you can visit, to download the update immediately!

Finally, there are quite a lot of exciting new 3rd party modules due out in the couple of weeks, from both existing and new developers, and we'll let you know when they hit the Module Store!

Jun 13, 2019