Year One anniversary sale rages on! FREE Nucleus now with more presets! New tutorials videos!

First, we'd like to welcome the thousands of new Voltage Modular users who have joined us since we launched our Year One celebration! Welcome aboard, we're thrilled to have you all with us!

We're celebrating Voltage Modular's one-year anniversary by offering some amazing deals, slashing prices by 50% or more on Cherry Audio products, and many of our 3rd-party module manufacturers have joined in to offer some incredible offers. You can read about these fantastic offers here: These offers end August 31st, so hurry!

Our most exciting offer of all is the new Voltage Modular Nucleus package. Nucleus contains 22 modules and is 100% completely FREE until the end of August! There's never been a better way to learn about modular synthesis and to explore sound creation, and it won't cost you a dime.

Our Nucleus offer has gone viral, so we're adding over 40 new presets to the Nucleus package to show off what can be done with this fantastic collection of modules. The next time you run Voltage Modular, these new presets will be automatically downloaded into your software. Check out some of our favorite new presets: Funeral for a Pal, Throbbing Bass, Mirror Echo Horrors!, Ghost Lullaby, and dozens more. (If you own Ignite or Core, these presets are being added to your library as well!)

If you're new to modular synthesis, the folks at Computer Music Magazine have created a short tutorial video and article to get you up and patching with Nucleus: For a deeper dive into modular synthesis, Venus Theory has created this fantastic new tutorial video on the fundamentals of patching with Voltage Modular:

Cherry Audio also has some great tutorial videos to get you started. These entertaining and in-depth videos are a fantastic tool for learning how to patch modules, and use envelopes and LFOs, to create fantastic sounds with Voltage Modular:

Professional audio engineer Mark Barton has had a storied career creating hardware synthesizer modules and cutting-edge audio software technology. He's written a new article entitled Why Modern Digital Synthesis is More Analog than Analog which busts some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding digital audio. Check it out here:

MRB has decided to join in our Year One Anniversary Celebration by adding two new modules to their MRB Laboratory Bundle: the Laboratory Voice and the Laboratory Semi-Modular Voice. These modules put a complete 3-oscillator synthesizer voice into your rack, complete with complex filtering, distortion, and a ton of patch points. The MRB Laboratory Bundle is now on sale for only $79 during the Year One celebration! Learn more here:

"Hugely impressive." "Sounds fantastic." "Best Software Modular Synthesizer, 2018" "One of the Top 5 Software Synthesizers of 2018." In the last year, the critics have had a lot to say about Voltage Modular! Here are some of our favorite magazine and web reviews from the last year

Finally, we've released Voltage Modular 1.3.16, which fixes a memory leak that can occur when hosting plug-ins inside of Voltage Modular. Next time you run Voltage Modular, it'll pick up the update, or you can download it now from your library at

We'd love to know what you think of Voltage Modular! Visit our Facebook page ( or join us in our forums ( to share your thoughts on Voltage Modular, ask the community questions, share your presets, learn new tips and tricks, or just get to know other Voltage Modular users!

Aug 21, 2019