Year One Anniversary Sale EXTENDED until September 15th!

Cherry Audio is extending our Year One Anniversary Sale due to popular demand -- and we sure do mean popular. In the last 2 weeks, we have had over 15,000 people download the free Voltage Modular Nucleus package, and word is spreading across the Internet rapidly. We've seen articles posted about Nucleus in a dozen different languages, and we've had visitors to our website arrive from all over the world. The response from customers and from the press has been extraordinary, and we're just not ready to pull the plug yet. So we're extending the Year One sale until September 15th to allow everyone interested in modular synthesis to get Voltage Modular Nucleus absolutely free!

To all 15,000 new users, welcome! We're excited to have you, and we hope you're having a blast exploring Voltage Modular and experimenting with the art of modular synthesis!

(Be sure to tell your friends about our free Voltage Modular Nucleus offer. It absolutely ends September 15th! For real, this time!)

The Year One sale extension should give everyone a chance to participate in's Nucleus song competition at KVR. He's giving away a free copy of Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums to the winner! Join the contest at

Sound on Sound magazine just published their review of Voltage Modular, calling it "a proper modular monster" and "a true-to-life Eurorack sim."  Reviewer Simon Sherbourne writes, "clearly believing that more is more, Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular combines a user-friendly interface with a very generous selection of modules. Whereas a hardware modular has a fixed palette of modules at any given time, there's a kid-in-a-candy-store sensation with software modulars, and Voltage Modular has more candy than most." He concludes, "Voltage Modular gives you a fun and immediate modular experience without dumbing anything down." Check out the full review here:

The Cherry Audio Year One Collection remains on sale for only $99 until September 15th, and it includes all 19 commercial modules Cherry Audio has released in the last year - a $280 value. Here are some videos demonstrating some of our favorite modules, all of which are included with the Year One collection:

..and that's just 5 of the 19 awesome modules included in this package!

Andrew Macaulay has updated his Ultimate Bundle with five brand new modules, significant enhancements to nine existing modules, and fixes and other updates to existing modules.This update brings the number of modules available from Andrew Macaulay to 36 in total, all of which are included in the Ultimate Bundle collection ($39). Read Andrew's Press Release to learn more about these new modules. 

Finally, modular musicians have been posting some awesome videos of music they've composed with Voltage Modular. Our favorite so far is this Generative Ambient Patch video from Almanacs. Almanacs writes that he likes "the fat sound of Voltage Modular, probably one of the best sounding soft synths out there." We could listen to this all day.

Let us know if you post your own Voltage Modular video, and we'll be sure to share it far and wide!

If you're new to Voltage Modular, remember that lots of useful tutorial videos are available on our video page. Visit our Facebook page or join us in our forums to share your thoughts on Voltage Modular, ask the community questions, share your presets, learn new tips and tricks, or just get to know other Voltage Modular users! 

Aug 29, 2019