New Venus Theory Voltage Modular Tutorial! New Modules from Monkey Business Audio!

Looking to harness the power of audio with Voltage Modular? Look no further than this new video published by Venus Theory (musician, sound designer and YouTuber). Venus Theory (aka Cameron) walks you through hooking up audio in Voltage Modular and using Voltage Modular to create basic and advanced effects, as well as harnessing audio as a modulator or CV source to create infinite ideas! 

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Venus Theory's creatively thoughtful and entertainingly informative approach to making tutorials will help you get familiar with some of the concepts of modular synthesis and the idea of CV as a larger concept!

Monkey Business Audio on fire and at it again!

Monkey Business Audio is not foolin' around! After debuting as a new Voltage Modular Designer releasing 11 modules in December, MBA doubles down and releases another 9 new modules and two new bundles.

Nine new modules from Monkey Business Audio include three processors, Foldr, Clippr and Bendr ($10 each), two effects, Chorus and Flanger ($10 each), and three utilities, Stereoscope ($10), Widr ($10) and MS Matrix (free)! 

Two new bundles save 30% or more! Distortion Bundle ($24.95) includes Foldr, Clippr, Bendr and Decim8or. Stereo Bundle ($14) includes Widr, Stereoscope and MS Matrix.

Look for more new modules coming later this month and a big announcement from Cherry Audio!

Mar 10, 2020