Cherry Audio Sale Extended, New Videos, Featured Artist

Cherry Audio and our partners have extended the Helping Hand Sale through May 1, 2020. We've worked with our third party developers to offer unprecedented low module prices, so you can continue to expand your module library. Cherry Audio and many of our partners have slashed prices by up to 50%. Make the most of this unusual situation, and learn to master the art of modular synthesis. 

Helping Hand Sale

Dash Glitch, solo Psy-Trance DJ and sound designer, has released a new collection of compelling Voltage Modular Nucleus video tutorials. Watch his two-part series demonstrating how he creates his unique arsenal of modular sounds, arpeggiations, and hard-hitting underground beats, all blended with psychedelic, robotic leads and spacious pads and FX.

Watch Dash Glitch Videos

Featured Artist of the Week is electronic musician Strange Delight. Strange Delight created a massive generative patch in Voltage Modular and experimented in real-time to create this intense composition. In this performance, featuring no overdubs or post-processing, Voltage Modular plays while Strange Delight tweaks knobs and changes sequencers on the fly.

Watch Strange Delight - VM Performance

Apr 9, 2020