Voltage Modular 2.0.22 Released!

Today we've released Voltage Modular 2.0.22, which includes minor bug fixes for the best modular experience yet! We've been working directly with our developers and our beta testers to find and fix every little issue in the new Voltage Modular 2.0 software, and 2.0.22 is packed with all sorts of little fixes. 

As always, the update will arrive automatically when you run Voltage Modular, or you can choose to download it immediately on the Voltage Modular Download Page.  

For a complete list of changes to Voltage Modular 2.0.22, visit the Voltage Modular Version History page.

Module developers will find several important new features in Voltage Modular Designer 2.0.22, including the new ability to modify a module's source code with your favorite editor.

For a complete list of changes to Voltage Module Designer 2.0.22, visit the Voltage Module Designer Version History page.

Jun 26, 2020