New Cherry Audio FM Station, MRB Syrup, and new VM update!

Cherry Audio is thrilled to release our new FM Bundle ($19 for a limited time) for Voltage Modular! FM Bundle includes FM Station and Poly FM Station, both powerful four-operator FM oscillators that precisely recreate the punchy, crystalline tones of classic DX-series FM synths of the 80s. 

These modules include an innovate graphic interface that makes FM programming incredibly easy - really! Also included are mono and poly editions of EG Station, graphic envelope generator modules featuring eight fully independent envelope generators with velocity CV inputs, and super fast and easy normalled connections.

Take an in-depth look into the ideas behind FM synthesis, as well as the capabilities of the new FM Bundle, by diving into Mitchell Sigman's new FM Station overview video:

A free 7-day trial of FM Bundle is available at

MRB Syrup Bundle Released

MRB has just released their new Syrup Bundle ($20), an intense, detailed model of the Mutable Instrument's Ripples hardware filter, with more features and versatility than you'll find on the original. Syrup provides 9 simultaneous filter outputs, and mixing these in various combinations (or panning them in stereo) can yield amazing, unique timbres and stereo images. The included VCA3080 modules provide a faithful circuit emulation of the VCA found on the Ripples hardware modules.

To hear audio demos, try a free demo, or to purchase the Syrup Bundle, visit

Voltage Modular 2.0.25 Released

We've released a new update to Voltage Modular, version 2.0.25, which includes a number of minor bug mixes, as well as an important fix for users experiencing problems using polyphonic MIDI-generating modules in the Plug-In Host modules. The new update is available for immediately downloading at

For a complete list of changes in 2.0.25, visit our Version History page here:

Syncing Voltage Modular to your DAW

If you've ever had questions about how to sync Voltage Modular to your DAW, you may find this new tutorial video helpful.

To view more tips and tutorials, and to learn more about the new FM Bundle and other modules, be sure to visit our Videos Page here:

Jul 10, 2020