Coming Soon! Cherry Audio Year Two Sale Begins September 1

Coming Soon! 

To celebrate two fabulous years of modular madness, the Cherry Audio Year Two Anniversary Sale will commence September 1 and run through September 15. Stay tuned for major discounts and some very exciting new module announcements!

Why Wait! 

MRB has jumped the gun releasing the Luxury Filter Bundle at a special introductory price just in time for the weekend!

MRB announces the release of the Luxury Filter Bundle ($69), including the Syrup Filter Bundle, Mood Filter Bundle, Oberfilter Bundle, Lowpass Gate Bundle, WahWah Bundle and Agile Filter Bank. 11 modules in all -- at $69, that's less than $6.27 per module! Learn more. MRB also has Zeroscillator Bundle ($30) and Laboratory Bundle ($69) on sale! 

... and get ready for more modular madness from Cherry Audio and our Third Party Module Designers!

Save the dates: September 1 through September 15

On behalf of everyone at Cherry Audio, we thank you for your continued support! Stay safe!

Aug 28, 2020