DCO-106 1.0.21 and CA2600 1.0.20 Released!

Cherry Audio has released an update to DCO-106 (1.0.21) and CA2600 (1.0.20) which include a new "favorites" feature for presets, as well as several fixes.

Favorites Feature

Right-click on a preset (or ctrl-click on macOS) and select "Favorite" to add it to the favorites preset list. Favorite presets will show up in a separate "<Favorites>" category in the preset browser. 

In addition, we've fixed issues with high-frequency aliasing artifacts that could potentially show up when using DCO-106 or CA2600 at 44.1 kHz, window resizing issues with some DAWs, and more.

For a complete list of changes, please see the version history pages here: 

DCO-106 version history: https://cherryaudio.com/instruments/dco-106/version-history

CA2600 version history: https://cherryaudio.com/instruments/ca2600/version-history

The updates to DCO-106 and CA2600 will automatically download the next time you run the software, unless you've turned off automatic updating, or Internet access is not available to the plug-ins. Or, you can download the updates any time from the download pages here: 

DCO-106 download page: https://cherryaudio.com/instruments/dco-106/download  

CA2600 download page: https://cherryaudio.com/instruments/ca2600/download 

Thanks for your support!

Nov 9, 2020