Synthesizer Expander Modules for Voltage Modular released!

Cherry Audio is thrilled to announce the release of the Synthesizer Expander Module Bundle for Voltage Modular, which includes both the Synthesizer Expander Module and the Poly Synthesizer Expander Module, along with 50 presets.

These modules meticulously emulate the immense sound of the classic Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module, aka the “SEM.” Originally released in 1974, the keyboardless, monophonic SEM module was intended as a companion to the Oberheim DS-2, one of the earliest digital sequencers. Soon thereafter, Oberheim realized they could interface a digitally scanned keyboard, mount the whole mess in a big box, and create polyphonic synthesizers, beginning with the Two Voice, followed by the Four Voice, and finally the beastly Eight Voice.

Though it was a relatively simple monosynth, the SEM sounded fantastic, and had a tone quality very different than the common fuzzy, fat Moog sound, thanks to its 12 dB/oct state-variable filter. With lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch modes, this flexible filter was the star of the show. 

Cherry Audio has carefully modeled every detail of the original SEM module, while adding new features, including a noise source and a square-wave LFO option. We’ve precisely recreated the SEM's unique filter experience, courtesy of a detailed emulation created by award-winning synth designer Mark Barton (MRB). We've also added an extensive complement of patch points for full Voltage Modular integration. Finally, the Poly Synthesizer Expander Module makes analog rock-and-roll dreams come true with a full sixteen voices of vintage polysynth madness!  

Best of all, the amazing Synthesizer Expander Module Bundle is available now, for the incredible low price of $29. A free 14-day demo is also available. And for the full vintage OB experience, owners of this bundle will receive 20% off of Cherry Audio's brand-new Eight Voice synthesizer!

Mar 15, 2021