Cherry Audio Releases Eight Voice 1.0.17 Update

Cherry Audio has released Eight Voice 1.0.17 Build 99. This update introduces new features for Link Groups, including Relative Adjustments Mode, and the ability to easily randomize parameters across linked voices. 

Relative Adjustments Mode maintains the differences between individual voices in a Link Group when adjusting any knob or switch. Eight Voice now defaults to Relative Adjustments Mode, but Link Groups can be switched to Absolute Adjustments Mode if desired.

The new Randomize features introduce minor variations between linked voices. Randomize Oscillators introduces variations for Oscillator 1 Frequency, Oscillator 1 Pulse Width, Oscillator 2 Frequency, and Oscillator 2 Pulse Width. Randomize Filters introduces variations for Cutoff and Resonance controls. Randomize Panning introduces variations for the stereo pan control. Finally, Randomize All introduces variations for all of the above parameters. 

All of the new features include full Undo/Redo support. 

Eight Voice 1.0.17 Build 99 is a free update for all Eight Voice users, and is available now at

Download the update!

Apr 26, 2021