MusicRadar: Stardust 201 and the RE-201 Space Echo

MusicRadar's latest deep dive into classic gear looks at the RE-201 Space Echo tape delay and alternatives such as Cherry Audio's Stardust 201.

The producer's guide to the Roland RE-201 Space Echo: It can cover everything from simple saturation to wild, out-of-control and bizarre self-oscillation. Here's how to master one of music's most beloved effects boxes, used by dub producers and experimental electronic composers alike since the early ’70s.


Software emulations

Software is a great way to get the Space Echo sound, and you are spoilt for choice here. AudioThing’s Outer Space offers a heap of Space Echo vintage goodness and adds extras like a Ducking control and Pre-Emphasis filter. Even cheaper is Cherry Audio’s Stardust 201, which includes the chorus from the original RE-301.