Novachord + Solovox Featured on Praisetracks Live Stream

May 22, 2023 | Simeon Amburgey

Catch the replay of Praisetracks talented producer and performer Simeon Amburgey featuring Novachord + Solovox.

"Thinking about all of the possibilities available to musicians and composers, it feels like we are living in a Golden Age of virtual instruments. Come along as we explore some of the latest instruments and discover some new friends along the way.

Cherry Audio takes us back to a true "golden age" with the introduction of two new instruments that get their inspiration from some of the first synthesizers. The Novachord was revolutionary by 1939 standards and was one of the very first polyphonic synthesizers. These amazing instruments were featured on many award-winning and iconic movie soundtracks where they served to bring something different to the musical score."

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