Voltage Module Designer FAQ

Common Questions

There are a few steps that are necessary in order to use Module Designer. These steps are listed in the Module Designer Installation Instructions. In short, you must properly install Java Development Kit 8 (or higher), and you must have Voltage Modular installed on your computer as well.

All of Module Designer’s core features are available in the demo version, including layout, design, programming, running, and debugging features. The demo will not allow you to publish your module to our servers, which means you cannot use your module in Voltage Modular, and you cannot submit it for sale in our Store. You must purchase Module Designer in order to publish your modules for use in Voltage Modular. You can, however, test your module in Module Designer with other Voltage Modular modules that you own.

No, but you must have Voltage Modular installed on your computer in order to run or debug modules in Module Designer. Installing the demo version is sufficient. However, when you own Voltage Modular, your entire module library will be available for use in Module Designer’s run and debug modes, which can greatly speed module development and testing.

You can submit a module for sale in the Manufacturer’s Dashboard. You’ll need to complete the submission process, including agreeing to our Store Agreement, entering in descriptions and pricing information, etc. Modules submitted for sale are not guaranteed to be accepted into the Store. Per the Store Agreement, among other things, modules must be bug-free, efficient, and must offer something of value for customers.

Your source code is compiled into Java byte code, which is sent to our server as part of publishing your module. Your compiled Java byte code is then heavily encrypted by our servers, and the encrypted version is sent to each customer as part of the user’s module file.

Yes, but we currently have a limit on the number of free modules an individual manufacturer can offer in our Store. That limit is currently 2 free modules.

Yes. Modules can be sold for any price at or over US$10.

As detailed in our Store Agreement, you will receive 70% of the sale price minus credit card fees or other transaction processing fees.

Yep! You can bundle multiple modules together into a single package. Modules can be set up to be sold only in a bundle, or you can choose to sell the modules both individually and in a bundle.

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