Voltage Modular Version History


  • Fixed memory leak while using the Plug-in Host and Mini Plug-in Host modules.


  • Added new preference in the Interface preferences called "Delay Play Trigger and Gate Until Measure Boundary". If this preference is activated, when hitting Play in a DAW, Voltage Modular will wait until the start of a measure before sending the Play trigger, ensuring the sequencers will stay in sync with the project. This useful preference is on by default. Note that this new preference will solve tempo sync issues that have been experienced by users of Cubase.  


  • Plug-in Host and Mini Plug-In Host can now load plug-in files with multiple options per file
  • Current Zoom setting saves & restores when VM is run again
  • Poly Gates outputs on IO Panel now work when Poly Pitch is not connected
  • Fixed accuracy problem with Audio In meters on IO Panel
  • Fixed potential deadlock when using MIDI to control a knob that alters text when modified


  • Fix for highpass filter bleeding low frequencies when resonance is raised.
  • Fixed bug with some patches asking you to save changes when you haven't changed anything, just played notes.
  • Installer checks for and installs correct Visual C++ Redistributable for Java 11 on new Windows 10 installations.
  • Modules in Beta or In Development, but then deleted, are now properly removed from user catalogs.
  • Auto Complete feature added to Voltage Module Designer

1.3.11 (Hot fix)

  • Fix for drawing glitches and potential freezing. 
  • Removed excessive logging
  • Fixed dialogs in 2x mode.  (We renamed the pref for hidef to 'Scale Interface 2X').  This feature is nice for very large monitors.
  • Fixed some settings that were no longer being saved/loaded properly.


  • Upgrade to Java 11 from Java 8
  • Fix for potential clicks introduced into audio in FL Studio when operating at sample rates other than 48kHz.
  • Loading a preset with a module you don’t own now lets you demo a package containing that module, if module is not individually listed.
  • Preferences are now global, and affect all instances of a plug-in loaded into a DAW. Changing the cable thickness in one instance will change it in all instances, for example.
  • Multi-processor mixing threads are now shared between all instance loaded into a DAW.
  • Revised GUI timer code prevents slowdowns from too much GUI activity.
  • Fixed issues with Musical Typing Keyboard and pop-up dialogs showing the wrong size, if cabinet display is zoomed in or out.
  • Improved experience when demo expires, or when running Voltage Modular without any modules in your library.
  • Preference to save and reload current state when exiting Voltage Modular stand-alone.


  • Added QWERTY typing keyboard to Voltage Modular. Keyboard icon on toolbar, or CTRL-K, opens the keyboard.     
  • Fixed crash in Voltage Module Designer. Right-clicking on a module when running without debugger caused a crash.


  • Multi-Processor mixing. The feature can significantly speed up mixing on a fast multi-core computer. You can turn it on, and set the number of mix threads, in the Settings dialog in the CPU section.
  • Labels. Right-click on the blank space in any module and select Add Label. The color and style of the label can be changed by right-clicking on it
  • Shopping cart now available in Store Tab
  • New “CPU” tab in the settings, for OpenGL and Multi Process settings
  • Fixed crash that can occur when switching presets, or when debugging a module with a timer that updates a GUI object
  • Fixed some plug-in compatibility issues.
  • Mixing efficiency improvements throughout
  • Fixed shutdown crash related to MIDI controllers that send MIDI Clock info
  • Fixed possible issue with losing some preferences if we crash on shutdown · Windows installer now correctly remembers VST2 path
  • Samples will load at correct pitch if Voltage Modular/host DAW sample rate is not 48 kHz 
  • MIDI Clock messages no longer get assigned to controls with MIDI Learn 
  • SetCycle() function was not working in oscillators 


  • Fixed serious drawing glitch when dragging cabinets 
  • Plug-in hosting now passes DAW tempo/time sig/play position to hosted plug-ins 
  • Plug-in hosting has more efficient handling of buffers 
  • Fixed bad web link in purchase dialog for presets


  • OpenGL hardware acceleration (if supported)
  • Plug-in hosting modules
  • Favorite icon and category for modules
  • Module presets
  • Right click to add new modules
  • "All But Current Jack" cable transparency mode.
  • Ability to change preset folder to user specified location
  • Fix for potential crash when exiting 
  • Added right click "Reset Controls" to return a module to its default state.


  • Fixed Mac crash in cable drawing code
  • Fixed hiding components not working the first time
  • Fix for “hidden” products not downloading
  • Installer now installs Visual C++ 2010 redist if necessary.
  • Fix for discrete knobs.
  • Fix for return to default value.
  • Removed default edit boxes and replaced with button to go to default.


  • Added polyphonic jacks and cables, and polyphonic CV and gate outputs to IO panel.
  • Fixed some drawing glitches with cables.
  • Fixed HD status bar
  • Loading proper size of plugin in DAW
  • Accidentally was showing saved cabinets in the store
  • Hopefully fixed the preset downloading issue for one customer.
  • Added a Help toolbar item.
  • Dragging a knob or control that is being automated will not respond to the automation.
  • Voltage Core now includes a bunch of new polyphonic and “super” modules, free for existing customers.


  • Sped up painting/drawing performance.  Our platform code was not accounting for small redraws such as LED’s blinking and was redrawing way too much.  We fixed the code to only redraw those small areas. This also helped performance on hi-def / Retina displays a bit, as they are redrawing many more pixels.
  • Increased autoscroll speed when dragging a cable or module.
  • Dragging module above top cabinet no longer pauses dragging.
  • Dragging cable now draws faster
  • Got rid of pref to show cables during module drag.
  • During cable drag, we only redraw if the mouse has moved.  Small optimization.
  • Fixed Add Review Dialog to show button - it was broken with the new demo code
  • Updated EULAs
  • Fixed % download display for larger downloads.  (Was looking like the download was restarting)
  • Fixed auto-update code due to the wrong slashes.
  • Allowing for tooltips if the control so desires.  Buttons rejoice - you can show tooltips if you want now!


  • Fix for saved presets not showing up immediately in current category.
  • Fixed demo mode problems for any module
  • Fixed incorrect buy url


  • Bug #10567, fixed mixdown of automation for performance knobs
  • Fixed text length for info box


  • Fix for line draw glitch when zoomed in at 150% and dragging modules
  • Duplicate cabinet now goes to the next cabinet spot next to the current cabinet, instead of at the end.
  • Fixed a slow down after changing zoom.
  • Update preset display after saving a new preset.
  • Added preference allowing users to adjust controls via the mouse wheel.
  • No longer showing products that are not for individual resale.
  • Added an alert dialog before deleting the cabinet.
  • Added option to add module via right click to library.  Renamed "Show Module Information" to "Info..."
  • Fixed right click issue with hover state of jack staying red.

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