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Voltage is now in Limited Early Access! We've been working our butts off for over a year, and it's go-time.

Voltage Modular is more than just a virtual instrument -- it’s a vast synthesis platform, on a scale that’s never been done before. Every module in Voltage Modular is a truly independent, cross-platform modular component, and developers can easily design and build new modules using the Voltage Module Designer (coming soon!) that do just about anything they can dream up. You can add as many modules and cabinets as your computer can handle, and expand your ideas in directions that would be next to impossible with hardware. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Currently we've opened up Voltage Modular to a limited group of users, but are planning on opening it up to a broader group very soon. Fill out the Early Access Invite form to get on the list for the next batch.

Demo from NAMM

"Voltage is a super easy to use, awesome sounding modular synthesizer. It's basically like having a virtual Eurorack experience."

Mitchell Sigman

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