Voltage Modular 2.0 brings innovative new features, workflow improvement and new sonic possibilities to the most feature-rich, sonically flexible software modular platform in the world.

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Voltage Modular is a virtual modular platform, designed to be the best sounding, most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use virtual modular instrument available.

Voltage Module Designer is our exclusive development software for creating Voltage Modular modules.

Cherry Audio Store offers an ever-expanding list of new modules and presets from Cherry Audio, PSP, Vult, and many other manufacturers.

Voltage Modular 

Voltage Modular 2.0 is the most feature-rich, sonically flexible software modular synthesizer platform in the world.

With its 64-bit high-fidelity sound, massive ever-expanding module library, and infinite musical possibilites, there's never been a better way to explore the endlessly fascinating world of modular synthesis. We're offering the Voltage Modular Core Package (104 modules, regularly $150) plus the Misfit Audio Electro Drums Package (15 modules, regularly $50) for the fantastic introductory price of just $99.

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Voltage Module Designer

Our exclusive development software for creating Voltage Modular modules. Build modules lightning fast. Drag and drop controls, program your module using Java with our integrated code editor. Download now and start building your modules right away, and use them in Voltage Modular. When you are ready to sell your modules in the Cherry Audio Store, purchase the Voltage Module Designer Commercial License!

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Cherry Audio Store

Our store is the best place to see all modules, bundles and presets you can get to add to your Voltage Modular experience. Featuring an ever growing list of modules and manufacturers, including PSP Audioware and Vult.

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Featured Artist: Multi-Platinum Record Producer, Scott Bruzenak

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Voltage Modular 2.0.17 Released!

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Jun 1