Cherry Audio Branding


Please use your brand name in a way that clearly distinguishes it from Cherry Audio. Examples that are permitted include "Presets for Voltage Modular" or "RetroKingdom: Rad Presets for DCO-106".

Please take care to not use the Cherry Audio name, the name of our products, or logos in any way that could mistakenly imply any official connection with or endorsement of Cherry Audio. Any use of the Cherry Audio name, product names, or logos in a manner that could cause customer confusion is not permitted.

This includes naming a product or service in a way that emphasizes the Cherry Audio brand, like "Voltage Modular Themes" or "DCO-106 Magic", as well as in domain names like "".

Please write to us for consent in order to use our brand names or logos for t-shirts, stickers, or other merchandise.

Cherry Audio Logo Marks

For use when the words "Cherry Audio" are too big or are not needed.

Product Logos

Please use the product logos as-is. Please do not edit, recolor, or alter the Cherry Audio product logos in any way.

Product Images

Please use the product images as-is. Pllease do not edit, recolor, or alter Cherry Audio's product images in any way.