Voltage Module Designer

Build modules lightning fast. Drag and drop controls, adjust visual styles, and create your own custom knobs, sliders, switches, buttons, jacks, and more.

All the monotonous details of coding are minimized, so building a module is quick and easy. All resources are automatically embedded into your project, so sharing module files with team members is effortless.

Program your module using Java with our integrated code editor. The Module Designer generates much of the code automatically, so you only need to fill in a few functions to have a fully-working module. All module code is automatically cross-platform.

Our bundled SDK includes a large library of audio processing classes for oscillators, filters, envelope generators, and more. Use the included DSP for rapid prototyping, or write your own DSP to give your module a unique sound.

Use our integrated debugger to test variables, objects and threads. Set breakpoints and easily step through your code.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose from a personal licenses or a commercial license. With a commercial license you can submit your module for sale in our Cherry Audio Store. Add a description, documentation, images, sounds, and video, and set the price. If it’s approved, your module may be listed for sale to other Voltage Modular users.

Personal License
Personal License

With a FREE Personal License for Voltage Module Designer, you can design, build, debug, and test your own modules in Voltage Modular Designer, and you can publish them for personal use in Voltage Modular.


Commercial License
Commercial License

With a Commercial License for Voltage Module Designer, you can submit your modules for potential sale on the Voltage Module Store. Form development teams and share your modules-in-progress with every member of your team, and invite Voltage Modular users to beta-test your modules.