A Classic, Reimagined

The 2600 Like Never Before

The Cherry Audio CA2600 is a powerful, self-contained duophonic synthesizer inspired by the groundbreaking ARP 2600 synthesizer. Every aspect of the original, from the quirky oscillator waves, to the powerful ladder filter, to the external audio input and preamp section was modeled with tremendous precision. Though it features similar functionality, it’s been thoughtfully updated for increased flexibility - with semi-normalled patch cabling, integrated effects, and no hidden windows or menus in the audio path, CA2600 delivers an unprecedented hands-on, “everything right in front of you, right now!,” vintage synthesis experience like no other. 

Wildly flexible, capable of chunky basses, cutting leads, super-creative external audio processing, absolutely insane effects, and so much more, we believe you’ll find CA2600 to be the finest 2600 emulation ever created.

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The original ARP 2600 is one of the all-time greatest synthesizers ever created and a personal favorite. I have used mine on many recordings and am overjoyed to find in the CA2600 a digital version that is close to the original. The sonic modeling is wonderful. Thank you, Cherry Audio!

Michael Beinhorn Grammy-nominated record producer and musician. Credits include Soundgarden, Herbie Hancock, Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hole, Soul Asylum, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, and more.

I love this 2600! When I first joined Black Sabbath, there were two ARP 2600's at Ozzy’s house - one became my constant companion for the next two years. The CA2600 takes me back to 1975… I can hear Pink Floyd and Keith Emerson immediately. With MIDI, spring and plate reverb, and delay, this is truly a wonderful machine!

Jezz Woodroffe Film composer, former keyboardist for Black Sabbath, Robert Plant

CA2600 sounds amazing! It truly functions like the real thing, which I owned for many years. Plus the additional features like MIDI sync, FX bus, 12/24 dB filter option, etc. are great. It’s like having a perfectly restored 2600 with every mod possible, all controllable by a DAW. A dream come true. Super well done!

Mike Bradford Musician, producer, engineer, and songwriter. Credits include Madonna, Kid Rock, Deep Purple, Uncle Kracker, New Radicals, Stevie Nicks, Ringo Starr, Run-D.M.C., Dave Stewart, Disney, and many more.

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All demo song synth sounds (and most drum sounds!) created with CA2600

Title of Song

  • Dramatic Teaser - James Terris
  • Only You (Cover) - Mitchell Sigman, formerly of Survivor and Berlin
  • God of 13 - Phil Bennett of Starship
  • A Theme For Villains - Venus Theory
  • Easy Electro - James Terris
  • Window Looker - Mitchell Sigman, formerly of Survivor & Berlin
  • Serenity Before Sunrise - Clifton Develle Cameron
  • Who Are You (cover) - Mitchell Sigman, formerly of Survivor & Berlin
  • The Year 2600 - Venus Theory
  • SciFi Creeper - James Terris
  • CA2600 Preset Demos - James Terris

CA2600 Features:

  • Every aspect precisely modeled in exacting detail
  • Over 300 presets
  • Monophonic and duophonic voice modes
  • Vintage-correct multi-mode filter with 12db and 24db slope
  • Integrated, fully CV-controllable distortion, reverb, and delay with sync
  • Sidechain audio input for external signal processing
  • Flexible CV Routing
  • Advanced, next-generation patch panel cabling system from Voltage Modular
  • Multiple voice assign modes
  • Advanced patch cabling with unlimited mults per jack, “quick patch” for rapid multiple destination routing, and click and drag movement of multiple connections
  • Additional LFO with six waveforms and tempo sync
  • Virtual instrument and effect plug-in versions included
  • Voltage Processors section with additional VCA and 1/2-step quantizer
  • Advanced one-click UI magnification
  • Selectable blue, gray, or black/orange color schemes
  • Full MIDI control
  • Full DAW automation for all controls

CA2600 is available in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats.

A free 30-day demo of CA2600 is available. This demo will play white noise periodically, but is otherwise unlimited.

macOS Requirements: macOS 10.9 or above (including macOS 12), 64-bit required. Native Apple M1 processor support. Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended.  

Windows Requirements: Windows 7 or above (including Windows 11), 64-bit required. Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended.