Beyond Jupiter for Mercury-6 Preset Pack Released

The new Beyond Jupiter for Mercury-6 Preset Pack by James Dyson introduces 100 new and innovative presets that utilize many of Mercury-6's distinctive features.

The vastness of space has always been a source of inspiration for musicians seeking to create atmospheric and otherworldly sounds, and sound designer James Dyson has taken his artistry to new heights. Featuring a collection of 100 fresh presets utilizing many of Mercury-6's cutting-edge features, this pack offers a wide range of sounds, including complex arpeggios, compelling lead and key sounds, distinctive sound effects, and a multitude of atmospheric pads. Each sound has its own complex and unique elements, making this pack an absolute must-have for synth enthusiasts looking for something new and out-of-this-world.

Beyond Jupiter for Mercury-6 includes 100 new presets in the following categories:

  • 13 Arps

  • 11 Keys

  • 13 Leads

  • 30 Pads

  • 8 Sound FX

  • 25 Splits

Beyond Jupiter for Mercury-6 is available now from at an introductory price of only $9.99 for 100 new presets.

This Cherry Audio Preset Pack requires Mercury-6 synthesizer. Once purchased, the sound pack will be automatically downloaded and added as a new collection to your presets. See this Support article for details.

The Beyond Jupiter for Mercury-6 Preset Pack joins the recently released "Retro Waves for Elka-X" and "Mutations for Dreamsynth" packs by James Terris, and "Snow Angel for Mercury-6" by Julie Kathryn (I AM SNOW ANGEL). Cherry Audio Preset Packs transform and energize your music by exploring a world of diverse sound collections expertly curated to fit specific themes. Created by members of our talented group of sound designers, Preset Packs are loaded with professionally-crafted sounds for individual Cherry Audio virtual synthesizer instruments. Each low-cost pack includes categories covering each instrument's unique features.

Whether you're a musician looking for inspiration or an experienced producer seeking that extra edge, Cherry Audio Preset Packs give you a jumpstart on creating something fresh and new. In addition to being affordable, Preset Packs offer users an easy way to find just the right sound for their music production needs. Once purchased, Preset Packs are automatically added to the preset browser as a new collection to your presets. Finding your perfect sound has never been more effortless!