Cherry Audio Helping Hand Sale

We've all been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and, like you, we're all staying at home and making sure our families and loved ones are safe. We want to continue to do everything we can to help.   

Starting immediately, and for the foreseeable future, we're making Voltage Modular Nucleus FREE for everyone. It's a complete modular synthesis package, with 22 modules and over 130 presets, for OSX and Windows. We hope everyone will stay home, stay safe, make some music, and learn to master modular synthesis. 

In tandem with our free Voltage Modular Nucleus campaign, we've worked with our third party developers to offer unprecedented low module prices, so you can expand your library and make the most of this unnerving situation. The Cherry Audio Helping Hand 2020 sale has commenced and will run through May 1, 2020.  

Cherry Audio and many of our partners have slashed prices by up to 50%.

Among the highlights: We've taken 50% off Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums (sale price $50), Voltage Modular Ignite (sale price $25), and the Cherry Audio Year One Collection (sale price $99).

New Modules from Andrew Macaulay, Vult, Nekomatic, Benard

Be sure to check out these new modules from our talented 3rd Party Module Designers:

Andrew Macaulay has published Release 4 of Andrew Macaulay Modules, including 11 new modules: Pitch CV Modifier ($10), Sample/Track and Hold ($10), Slew Processor ($12.50), Step Generator ($12.50), Stereo Mid-Side Processor ($12.50), Trapezoid Envelope VCA ($10), Voltage-Controlled Matrix Switch ($12.50), Voltage-Controlled Ratchet ($12.50), Legato Processor ($10), ENV-20 EG2 Envelope ($10) and Clock Multiplier/Divider ($10). New modules can be purchased separately, or, get them when you purchase as part of the Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle (sale price $39).

Vult has released 4 new modules: Vult Lapsus ($10), Vult Vultari ($10), Vult Disjoint ($10) and Vult Boomstick ($10). New modules can be purchased separately or, get Lapsus and Vultari when you purchase as part of the Vult Fury Bundle (sale price $40). Get Disjoint and Boomstick when you purchase the Vult Rage Bundle (sale price $40).

Benard has released 26 new modules, all of which are available in the new Mega Bundle Vol 3

New modules are Hénon Map ($13.50), Poly Interpolator ($15), Thomas Attractor ($13.50), Poly Vector Mixer ($15), Poly Voltage Controlled Mutes ($15), Random Change ($15) Poly Random Trigger Delay ($10), Poly Micro Delay ($10), De Jong Attractor ($13.50), Random Trigger Delay ($10), kx^2 - 1 ($11), Vector Mixer ($15), Interpolator ($15), Voltage Controlled Mutes ($15), Micro Delay ($10), Interval Switch ($10), Random Poly Voice to Mono ($10), Poly Level Selector ($10), Level Selector ($10), Poly Voices To Mono Selector ($10), Mono to Poly Replicator ($10), Poly Macro CV ($10), Macro CV ($10), Linear VCAs ($8), Bifurcations ($13.50) and Filtered Noise ($10). 

New modules can be purchased separately, or, get them when you purchase as part of the new Mega Bundle Vol 3 (sale price $99.99).

Nekomatic has released Almanacs Granular Processor (sale price $15). Also on sale from Nekomatic: Little Harmony ($10), Freezer ($10), Digital Vocoder ($10), Digital Vocoder Bundle ($15), Fixed Delay ($10) and the 6 Pads Chord Bundle ($10).

MRB (Zeroscillator Bundle only $25 and MRB Laboratory Bundle only $59), PSP Audioware (Ultimate Modular Collection only $49.99) and M*4 (all modules) are all offering big discounts as well.

All of us at Cherry Audio sincerely hope you, your family, and your loved ones are safe and healthy.