Cherry Audio Releases CR-78, its First Virtual Drum Machine

Cherry Audio, a leading developer of music software for professional and amateur musicians, is delighted to announce the release of its first virtual drum instrument, the CR-78 drum machine. CR-78 is based on the 1978 analog rhythm box popularized by Blondie, Phil Collins, Hall & Oates, and others and brings those iconic beats and tones into the modern era with groundbreaking enhancements.

Cherry Audio's dedication to authenticity and innovation shines through its easy-to-use three-panel user interface. CR-78 accurately replicates the familiar faceplate with all of its classic analog sounds and patterns, then elevates the experience by adding straightforward 16- or 24-step X0X-style programming for all sounds, a user-friendly song mode for pattern chaining and looping, new features like swing and velocity, and a specially curated library with over 250 additional sound and beat presets.

Cherry Audio's CR-78 can be played standalone and includes versatile plug-in options loaded with DAW-friendly features such as auto-sync, individual outs, and complete automation. An ingenious drag-and-drop export function allows simple conversion of CR-78 patterns to DAW MIDI tracks in the plug-in version or as standard MIDI files directly to the desktop in the standalone version.

Go beyond the main panel, and CR-78's expanded feature set far transcends the original hardware. Unlike sample-based instruments, Cherry Audio has precisely emulated the original's tones through modeled synthesis, and a dedicated voice edit panel enables extensive instrument parameter editing for sonic and melodic possibilities that surpass what was possible with the original. The inventive effects and mixer panel furnishes discrete level, pan, and mute/solo; studio-quality overdrive, flanger, delay, and gated reverb effects with convenient effects send buttons for each instrument; and a master compressor and a six-band graphic EQ.

Cherry Audio's CR-78 has been designed to thrill seasoned and emerging music producers by going deep inside the box to provide the ultimate outside-the-box experience. "It sounds great, and I'll be spending a lot of time with this," praised Greg Hawkes (keyboardist and founding member of The Cars), who provided the original CR-78 used to model this virtual instrument. "Cherry Audio has done an awesome job, and I'm proud to be a facilitator."

CR-78 includes 250 professionally designed sound and pattern presets that take it from mild to wild, including song mode presets, instrument kits aimed at select music genres, and extraordinary melodic presets that utilize pitch tuning and effects to create harmonious accompaniment along with the beats. Even more extraordinary sounds are available in the Compu-Rhythms for CR-78 Preset Pack (sold separately), featuring 100 more presets by talented sound artists James Dyson, Huston Singletary, and Agent Method that go even further "outside of the box" using CR-78's advanced Voice Edit, Effects, and pattern chaining techniques.

Cherry Audio is thrilled to make its first virtual drum machine instrument available at the extraordinarily low price of only $49 (list $69). The CR-78 drum machine is now available from and authorized resellers worldwide. CR-78 includes AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats for Windows (7 or above, including Windows 11) and macOS (10.13 and above), with native support for Apple Silicon. A free 30-day demo is available. Visit for additional product details, system requirements, videos, and an extensive collection of awe-inspiring sound demos.