Cherry Audio Releases Memorymode Synthesizer!

Cherry Audio is excited to announce Memorymode, our newest flagship virtual instrument. Memorymode is based upon one of the very best-sounding polyphonic programmable analog synthesizers of the 80s - the legendary Memorymoog synthesizer. Released in 1982 on the heels of monster analog polysynths from Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Roland, and others, the Memorymoog raised the sonic bar with its lush, powerful analog sound. Memorymode was expertly modeled upon our meticulously maintained 1982 Memorymoog originally owned by jazz legend Chick Corea. We've expanded upon the original without compromising any of the sound or functionality that made it great.

The Return of A Fallen Giant
Unfortunately, like other American poly synths of the era, the Memorymoog fell short in a few important ways, and was ultimately doomed to fail in the marketplace. Facing stiff competition from other programmable polyphonic instruments, including the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Oberheim's OB-X series, the Memorymoog was somewhat hastily designed and "pushed out the door" at a time when the Moog corporation was in serious peril. Sadly, it wasn't adequately tested and refined, resulting in frequent tuning and all-around reliability issues. 

Cherry Audio’s Memorymode makes all reliability, maintenance, and tuning issues a thing of the past, and greatly streamlines and simplifies the user interface, updating the original instrument’s numeric-keypad-and-command-numbers with fast, simple-to-use pop-up menus and an improved value display window.

Largesse of Largeness
Unlike the dual-oscillator voice architecture of its contemporaries, Memorymoog featured three oscillators per voice, as well as the famously fat “ladder”-style filter - essentially amounting to a six-voice polyphonic version of the classic Minimoog synthesizer. Cherry Audio Memorymode delivers the goods, with super-accurate replications of the original oscillators and a precise implementation of the coveted ladder-filter circuit, with selectable 12- and 24-dB/octave slopes. Further contributing to its famous hefty sound, Memorymode’s oscillator mixer gently overdrives when levels are cranked, just like the original. 

In addition to an expanded LFO modulation bus with eight simultaneous modulation destinations, Memorymode also replicates the powerful Voice Modulation section, allowing oscillator three to act as an independent “per-voice” modulation source with up to six simultaneous destinations. And for the biggest tones around, Memorymode’s detunable unison mode enables stacking of up to 48 oscillators on one key! 

Bringing A Classic Into The Future
In addition to all of the voicing and modulation that made the original sound so great, we’ve added a number of creative and convenient features aimed at modern music makers. Memorymode’s LFO, arpeggio, and delay effects all feature one-button tempo sync, allowing super-simple rhythmic synchronization with DAW projects, as well as enabling unique creative avenues when staggered note rates are chosen. The filter and amplitude envelopes add a whole new layer of expressiveness with adjustable velocity sensitivity. A unique Drift parameter allows continuously-variable adjustment of tuning accuracy, from perfectly in tune, to aged and loose, or anywhere in between, and the Modern button brings Memorymode into the present with fattened bass and sparkling highs. Unique chordal and melodic patterns can instantly be created with an improved arpeggio section and “one-finger” chord memory. Comprehensive MPE support is included for expressive controller performances. And Memorymode’s high-quality effects add the final polish to patches, including an earthy stereo phaser, a dreamy stereo ensemble, a flexible tempo-synced echo, and a lush reverb section.

All Set With Presets
For those not inclined to program their own sounds, Memorymode includes over 600 stunning presets, including all 100 original factory presets, created by a veritable dream team of industry-veteran synth programmers, and showcasing Memorymode’s immensely flexible voice architecture. Our all-star team of sound designers includes:

  • James Terris, Cherry Audio's lead preset programmer and curator, is a freelance sound designer and musician based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He's worked with Dave Smith Instruments/Sequential, Pioneer DJ, Apple, and Han Zimmer’s Remote Control.

  • Julian "J3PO" Pollack, an accomplished pianist and keyboardist, producer, and audio engineer. In addition to his thriving career as a jazz composer and performer, J3PO has created sound banks and presets for Clavia, Softube, and Dave Smith Instruments.

  • Dave Polich, sound designer, music producer, and songwriter. He’s crafted sounds for major artists including Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, and The Cure, and has created thousands of factory presets for synthesizer giants including Yamaha, Korg, Roland, and Dave Smith Instruments. 

  • Huston Singletary, a veteran sound designer, producer, film composer, and podcaster. He's contributed sounds to an endless array of popular products by Toontrack, Izotope, Synthogy, Kilohearts, Roland, Alesis, Spectrasonics, Ableton, and Sequential. 

Memorymode replicates the incredible sound and feel of the original instrument at a tiny fraction of the cost of a vintage original, delivering all the power and musicality of the Memorymoog at a price anyone can afford. Room-shaking bass, rich pads, searing leads, punchy brass, emotive strings, other-worldly sound effects, and more - it’s all there! 

Don't Take Our Word...
Jezz Woodroffe
, former keyboardist for Robert Plant and Black Sabbath, tells us, "The more time I spend with Memorymode, the more I like it... in fact it’s becoming quite addictive! It’s probably the most analog-sounding software synth I have ever heard; the depth of it is astounding." Jim Gilmour, keyboardist for prog-rock legends Saga, enthused, "I have the same feeling and excitement as when Moog invited us down to Buffalo and gave Saga three of them! I’m going to enjoy reimagining old songs with this and writing new music also. Amazing! Love it!"

An Unbeatable Value
At the time of writing, restored original Memorymoogs can trade for $15k or more! Cherry Audio's Memorymode replicates the incredible sound and feel of the original instrument at a tiny fraction of the cost of an original, delivering all the power and musicality of the Memorymoog at a price anyone can afford. 

Cherry Audio Memorymode is available now at, for the super low price of only $39 (List $59). It’s available for both Windows and macOS, in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats, with a free 30-day demo available.