Cherry Audio Releases Virtual Instrument Updates!

Cherry Audio has released free across-the-board updates for our entire virtual instrument line, including the DCO-106, CA2600, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, Polymode Synthesizer, Eight Voice, PS-20, and Memorymode virtual instruments. Every instrument now features:

  • Compatibility with the upcoming macOS 12 Monterey operating system.

  • Our latest DSP optimizations for improved speed and lower CPU overhead.

  • Our exclusive one-click Focus interface magnification button. This popular feature has been added to DCO-106, CA2600, Surrealistic MG-1, and Polymode Synthesizer.

  • All interface text is now vector-based, allowing for the sharpest possible text at any zoom level.

Additionally, DCO-106's user interface has received numerous "vintage-correct" cosmetic updates.

All updates are available now!