Spotlight on Community Content from Cherry Audio Fans

When asked what distinguishes Cherry Audio from others in the field, we're always ready to point to our passionate community of fans as our biggest champions. Over in the rapidly growing Cherry Audio User Group on Facebook, one of our favorite enthusiasts, Shawn Johnson, posted:

"Post your channel links here! Thought a community thread where group members could share links to their music channels featuring Cherry Audio synths would be a nice idea. Feel free to link your YouTube channel, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, whatever."

Many of these names may be familiar as we've previously shared their content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as the Videos section of this website. From that post, in no particular order, is a new collection of links to some of the outstanding content created by the awesome community of Cherry Audio users (and we've added a few of our own).

And if you haven't already, join the Cherry Audio User Group on Facebook to mingle with fellow fans and add your channel to that thread!

Shawn Johnson Music / The Breathalyzer on Twitch and YouTube

Russell Nash Music on Bandcamp

Fabrizio Filabbi on Bandcamp

Blaze FM on YouTube

Allan Marcel on YouTube

Lee Jackson Audio on Bandcamp

Reidar Jorgensen on Bandcamp

XNB Beats deep dive tutorials on YouTube

Despondo on Audius

Getsemani Music on YouTube

Alex Road Studios on YouTube

Echo Vector X on YouTube and Soundcloud

Jumble Hole Clough on Bandcamp

Van Shake on YouTube

KNGMAO on Bandcamp

Den Venn on YouTube

Alex Reid Studios on YouTube

ThatGuyFace on YouTube

sadà\exposadà on Soundcloud

Simon Thompson Music and Free Cherry Audio Presets on Blogger

Medievil-Music on YouTube

JD Soundsets on YouTube

Andrew G Dugros on YouTube

Phrozenlight on Bandcamp and YouTube

CatSynthTV on YouTube

David Thom Creations on YouTube

Gourlie Records on YouTube

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy on YouTube

The Sound of Merlin on Soundcloud

Rik Marston on YouTube

Hyperdrive's The One featuring GX-80 on Soundcloud

Composer Daniel Willet on YouTube

spah's Obvious Things featuring Elka-X on Soundcloud

HansiLa on YouTube and Bandcamp

Tim Shoebridge on YouTube

Sergio Frias on YouTube

One Man and His Songs on YouTube

Mark Jenkins Music on YouTube

Unbard Gates on Soundcloud

Maurice Gallagher on YouTube

Savka's Reclamation, featuring Dreamsynth and CA2600 on Bandcamp

Simesky (with Budapest Scoring Orchestra!) with Polymode on YouTube and Bandcamp

Solar Score's Stranger Spooky Boogie Thing with GX-80 on Soundcloud and as featured in a Production Music Academy challenge on YouTube at 29:45:

Dreamerproject's Elka-X Fun on Soundcloud