Gordon Reid's Sound on Sound Pro Soloist Review

"I have been impressed by some recent soft synths but, even in the studio, I almost always turn to something that hurts when you drop it on your foot. So if I tell you that this is one of the few softies that I might use in preference to its inspiration, I don't think that I need say more."

Musician and long-time synth authority Gordon Reid — author of the classic "Synth Secrets" series — tested Cherry Audio's Pro Soloist and was very impressed in his latest review for Sound On Sound magazine (April 2024 issue, on newsstands and online now).

"Cherry's Pro Soloist mimics them with remarkable accuracy but, whereas the originals are constrained by their preset nature, the extended capabilities of the soft synth take it far beyond anything envisaged by ARP's engineers in 1972. Well done, Cherry Audio."