Harmonia: Another Computer Music 10 out of 10!

Cherry Audio received its seventh 10/10 rating from Computer Music magazine, this time for Harmonia synthesizer, applauding its "enormous creative potential" and awarding it Editor's Choice in the January issue, on newsstands now. The review is also available online at MusicRadar.

"The first time we sent an LFO in the direction of the Oscillator's Centre control, we nearly fell off the chair when witnessing its simplicity, and resultant beauty in tone and texture."

This rating follows Computer Music's reviews of GX-80 -- hailed as "the most impressive visual and sonic spectacle available in software" -- in December, 2022, and the 10 out of 10 ratings for Octave Cat (November 2023), Mercury-6 (May 2023), Elka-X (November 2022), Sines (December 2022), and Miniverse (September 2022).