KVR One Synth Challenge 185: Synthesizer Expander Module

The KVR Audio Forum's 185th monthly One Synth Challenge (OSC) is underway, and this time features Cherry Audio's free Synthesizer Expander Module. This Challenge follows previous ones such as OSC #158 using Surrealistic MG-1 Plus and OSC #168 with Voltage Modular Nucleus.

"It's a friendly music competition where you can win cool prizes but, most importantly, meet amazing musicians, and learn a lot about mixing, sound design, and more!"

The contest is open for submissions until July 31st, and voting takes place the following month. Prizes include a cash award, a variety of music software from which to choose, and sound packs.

To participate, for more details, and to review the OSC Rules, please see the OSC #185 thread on the KVR Audio Forums or the OSC main website. Good luck, and we can't wait to hear what the participants create!