KVR's One-Synth Challenge - Winners!

Cherry Audio congratulates the winners of the KVR Audio Forum's 158th monthly One-Synth Challenge (OSC), featuring the free Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer.

Soundcloud Playlist of all OSC Entrants

After 68 entries, the winners, as determined by the votes of the One Synth Challenge community, were:

  1. MilksterX - Wibble Mechanics - 232 votes

  2. The Sound Of Merlin - Prayer - 232 votes

  3. Full Bucket - Machine Concrète - 225 votes

  4. majedsalih - Cherric - 222 votes

  5. jasinski - Did I wake up or am I dreaming - 221 votes

For more details on the One Synth Challenge, please see the OSC #158 thread on the KVR Audio Forums or the OSC main website. Our congratulations go out to the winners and all the participants!