Gear Expo: 7 Softsynths to Look Out for in 2024

MusicRadar's Gear Expo is in full swing this week and Cherry Audio's Pro Soloist joins a "magnificent" list of the top softsynths of 2024. In his feature "A Magnificent 7 Softsynths to Look Out for in 2024," Andy Jones of Future Music, Keyboard Review, and Computer Music details the virtual instruments that "have all scored well in recent reviews or look like setting 2024 alight with their sonic brilliance."

"Cherry Audio has had a terrific run of very decently-priced synths in recent years, and its latest offering looks like combining a classic with some very 2024 features. It models the ARP Pro Soloist, a much beloved synth used by the likes of Tony Banks, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock.

Cherry's Pro Soloist bumps up the original’s specs and has full programmability, polyphony, a dual- layer engine, an arpeggiator, a mod matrix, and effects.

Just $69 gets you an emulation of a machine that you could expect to pay $2,500 for if you bought an original!"

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