MusicTech's "Best Free Software Synths of 2024"

Cherry Audio's Synthesizer Expander Module has been included in MusicTech's Top 10 "Best Free Software Synths of 2024."

These soft synths should be worth a pretty penny, considering their robust features, but they’re completely free! We round up the most impressive free software synths on the market.

Hardware synths can be expensive. Even some soft synths can cost over £200. So, before you empty your wallet for that synth you think you need so badly, why not see what instruments the freeware community has cooked up?

Similar to discoDSP’s OB-Xd, this plugin by Cherry Audio emulates the juicy sonics of a much-loved Oberheim synth, this time being the Synthesizer Expander Module.

This is a beautiful free software emulation of the 1974-launched synth of the same name. It offers ultra-accurate dual oscillators, a versatile filter designed by Mark Barton (MRB), a unison mode, and a unique ‘Phasor’ effect. It includes 100 presets, studio-quality echo, MIDI control, and DAW automation.