Support Cherry Audio Artists This Bandcamp Friday!

It's the first Friday of the month, and there's no better time to support fellow Cherry Audio artists than this Bandcamp Friday! On the first Friday of each month, Bandcamp waives their revenue share to help support artists on Bandcamp. Since 2020, purchasers have paid artists and labels more than $93 million USD, and an average of 93% of the revenue reaches the artist/label (after processing fees).

Although we can't track all of our fans and their releases that feature Cherry Audio products, we do our best to make note when artists mention us. Here's our chance to return the favor, and encourage the entire community to support these recent releases!

Pat Strawser

New! Into the Sun, featuring 15 instances of Mercury-6! Other "Cherry heavy" recent releases also include Mercury Rising and "A Very Synthy Christmas". New album "Vignettes" coming May 5.


New! The modern indie synth producer just released "Mortal Calm" and the single Perfect You (Water Mix), with several tracks using Mercury-6.

Lee Jackson

New! Pavane, "a melancholy, some would say spooky, electronic single, composed using only Mercury-6."

Danny Lütz

Cherry Audio's own Support Guru brings his 2016 track Bricks back to life in 2023 with Elka-X, GX-80, Eight Voice, Dreamsynth, MG-1+, Miniverse, and DCO-106.

Russell Nash

Synthwave producer and frequent Cherry Audio contributor Russell Nash followed up his Sine of the Times single with another Cherry-heavy release, "Full Throttle," and plans to debut a new collaboration with RAN, just in time for Bandcamp Friday.

Jumble Hole Clough

New! Jumble Hole Clough follows up Don't Say Nowt (and other dreams) with You're Our Prisoner Now (and other dreams), both featuring Voltage Modular. "All the pieces in this album are based initially on aleatoric methods: generative, serial, Euclidean, tape loops and other such systems."

Joerg Dankert

"Follow infinity and all is well," featuring the GX-80. "Your work and synths gave me the opportunity to make the music I always wanted to make."


New! Dutch electronic music artist Phrozenlight has composed many live performances using Cherry Audio synths, and just released "Departure" on Bandcamp.


Cherry Audio synths and Rackmode Signal Processors are used in a few places throughout "Zug Hum."

Under the Dome

Under the Dome is the music project of Grant Middleton, the Voltage Modular developer of Dome Music Technologies. "Our most recent studio album is called Almagest, and I think it's probably the most representative of what we're about."

Tin Gun

Reanimation is the first full EP by Tin Gun, following on from their first three singles, and features a number of Cherry Audio synths.