Voltage Modular 2023 Celebration Ends Thursday!

All good things must come to an end, and the Voltage Modular 2023 in 2023 Celebration Sale ends TOMORROW, Thursday, April 13th!

Since its introduction in 2018, the Voltage Modular platform has grown to include over 2,023 modules from 50+ extraordinary developers! Cherry Audio and module designers have teamed up to slash prices up to 90% off, but the big Celebration Sale ends TOMORROW, Thursday, April 13th.

Take advantage of these astounding discounts for innovative modules and bundles, many introduced in just the past few weeks! Find your next favorites from Weevil, Waverley Instruments, Vult, Vulpus Labs, Unfiltered Audio, Synthetic Future X, R_Ware, PSPaudioware, planet.6, P.moon, Nrgzr78, nekomatic, MRB, M*4, JKphobic, Insomniac Music, HetrickCV, Dome Music Technologies, DMT Audio, Cyberwerks Heavy Industries, Centripidity, Benard, Andrew Macaulay, Adroit Synthesis, AARNVILLE, and more!