Voltage Modular Designer Tutorials from Request for Music

Request for Music has created a new Patreon and started a series to aid people in creating their own modules in Voltage Modular Designer by using Java.

"Voltage Modular Designer (VMD) is used to program modules for Cherry Audios’ Voltage Modular. Programming is done in Java. The first and free video will give an overview of the different sections in VMD to give you a sense of what goes where, when you start programming. Later (paid) videos will handle different topics, like how to build a basic oscillator, or a basic sequencer.

I’m planning to create the first videos within a couple of weeks and the number will hopefully grow soon. It’s also certainly possible that your questions might lead to new video topics."

"Introduction video that runs over Java very shortly and looks at some of he most important code segments you would use in Java to create modules. It also shortly describes parts of Voltage Modular Designer and shows a couple of items like an OUTPUT, a KNOB and a LED to start of with, to also show what goes where within the code for the module."