DCO-106 Testimonials

“Such a beautiful elegant interface and such amazing accessibility and immediate functionality, just like my old Juno-106! And that glorious sound..! I love the authenticity of DCO-106's legendary Roland chorus. Just like the original hardware, it is”

Phil Bennett Headshot
Phil Bennett

“Thank you so much for this. I started using it straight away and absolutely love it. I never had a 106 back in the day… Juno-6, then Juno-60, which I still have. Now I realize what a cracking synth it is and why people love it so much and this is a”

Howard Jones
Legendary 80’s synthpop artist

“The DCO-106 is a wonderful instrument. I absolutely love it. The 106 was my first synthesizer so I have a strong love/hate relationship with it (mowed about 500 lawns to get it). This soft synth, with the chorus wet/dry, reverb, and delay “speaks””

Trance artist/film composer
"The Fast and The Furious"

“As an ‘old-school' analog keyboard player with a special fondness for 80s sounds, it’s a real pleasure to see and hear Cherry Audio’s DCO-106. The Juno was a mainstay of my rig back then with its warm sounds, especially with that big fat chorus. And”

Rob Hyman
The Hooters, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne

“Within the first few minutes of using this synth, it was clearly not only my favorite Juno emulation, but also an instant standout in my entire collection of virtual analogs. The sound quality is fantastic, convincing and inspiring. From forging”

Eric Levy Headshot
Eric Levy
Night Ranger

“We live in the age of the reissue and 'copycat' synthesizer. What the people at Cherry Audio have done is capture the soul of the Juno-106 and evolve it so it is an everyday part of my creative process. Wonderful.”

Michael Whalen Headshot
Michael Whalen
Emmy® Award-winning film & TV composer, and international recording artist

“Love the Cherry Audio products, they went above and beyond with the DCO-106 synthesizer. Top notch!”

Fred Bensi Headshot
Fred Bensi
Missing Persons

“I was surprised how much I liked the DCO-106 - I certainly knew about the 106 back in the day, although I never owned one. As time and technology have progressed I didn’t think I could get excited about a single oscillator “simple” synth - well was I”

Jerry Kovarsky
Veteran MI Product Manager and developer, author of Keyboard For Dummies, longtime Keyboard/EM magazine columnist

“I played in bands when the first Juno-106 came out and always wanted one, but I never owned one until many years later. Cherry Audio has nailed the 106, plus they’ve added features we could’ve never dreamed of in the original. I’ll be incorporating”

Mike McKnight Headshot
Mike McKnight
Keyboardist, Programmer, Music Director
Credits include Roger Waters, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Earth Wind and Fire, George Michael, Paula Abdul, Lady Gaga, U2, and many others on tour and in the studio.

“I’ve owned and sold three early Junos in my life, in various states of disrepair. DCO-106 captures 99% of that Juno spirit for me. It’s convenient, familiar, and sounds great - no brainer.”

Peter Dyer
Keyboardist/Producer/Sound Designer
American Idol, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Mariah Carey, Avicii

“This is so much fun to play with! I think you’ve hit it out of the park! The Juno-106 was my favorite keyboard back in my top 40 days. It had all of the sounds I needed and more. Thank you so much! You turned back the clock to when things were”

Blake Sakamoto
The Nu Wavers, formerly of Animotion and Dan Reed Network

“This is quickly becoming a go-to virtual synth for my productions. Great sound, super easy to use, and it has the mojo of the original!”

Julian Pollack Headshot
Julian Pollack

“I can finally stop waking up in the middle of the night weeping with regret because I sold my vintage Juno-106 years ago. This instrument’s sound is beyond authentic. The patches are spectacular. The interface is so intuitive that you can easily”

Rick Allen Headshot
Rick Allen
Sound Designer
Disney, Sony Pictures, HBO, ABC, CBS, American Express, Cartoon Network, Nike, Starz Network, The United Nations, MasterCard, Hewlett Packard, Target, Logitech, Coca-Cola

“By far the most amazing-sounding Juno virtual instrument I’ve ever heard. I’m completely blown away by this. The clarity, stereo field, the recreation of the waveforms and LFO’s and especially the filter textures are dead-on accurate.”

Dave Gross
Musician/Sound Designer
Helldog Music

“I was instantly inspired the second I opened DCO-106 up into my DAW. The sound is fantastic and the additional features such as arpeggiator and effects make this is a next-level 106!”

Jason Donnelly
Music composer for TV film, video games, and software (as DJ Puzzle)
Fresh Off the Boat, CNN's Parts Unknown, Tom Clancy's The Division (video game), and the Saints Row franchise (video game)

“The voice chips in my 106 recently died, which is a common problem with the original hardware. Cherry Audio to the rescue! The DCO-106 has all the character of the original hardware and more without the expensive repair and service costs. A truly”

David Stowater
Sound Designer/Electronic Musician (as Sworn64)
Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, Bungie - Diablo IV, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, Destiny 2, Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, Guitar Hero, Skylanders

“I used to get hung up on Hardware vs. Software. Those distinctions don’t apply here. The DCO-106 simply sounds great, feels great and nestles into any mix beautifully.”