DCO-106 Version History

1.2.0 Build 51 (10/7/2021)

  • Apple Silicon M1 native support

  • New "Quality" oversampling feature

  • Fixes for various Mac login issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.0 Build 49 (8/5/2021)

  • Now compatible with macOS 12.0 Monterey 

  • All text is now drawn with vector art, for the sharpest possible text at any zoom level 

  • DSP performance improvements and minor GUI bug fixes 

  • Added Focus button and one-click UI magnification (Ctrl+Click on PC and Command+Click on Mac)

1.0.20 (2/11/2021)

  • Improved GUI performance overall

  • Improved Mac drawing efficiency significantly, especially on Big Sur

  • Fixed issue with preset list not always refreshing when saving a new preset

  • Host software updates now launch download website instead of auto-downloading and running installer, which some users found confusing

  • Tooltip preferences are now a little easier to understand

  • Improved auto-login code when running a new Cherry Audio plugin for the first time

  • On very first run, it was possible to resize without maintaining the proper aspect ratio

  • Fixed crash when exiting instrument with MIDI Learn Mode enabled

  • Improved auto-resizing code for plug-ins that don't fit on a user's monitor

  • Fixed possible instrument tuning issue on very first run

Build 46 (2/11/2021)

  • Improved DAW sync for LFOs when starting playback at random locations

  • Increased reverb headroom

  • Improved oscillator quality at highest frequencies

1.0.24 (12/10/2020)

  • Fixed crash exiting application when Musical Typing Keyboard or About box is displayed 

  • Fixed potential crash with some DAWs when plug-in is in demo mode

  • Plug-in runs at native sample rate, resampling engine removed 

  • FL Studio no longer has clicks/static in audio in some cases

  • Pro Tools plug-in now loads with proper default patch

Build 43 (12/10/2020)

  • All DSP operates at the host's native sample rate, for improved CPU performance and sound quality

1.0.21 (11/9/2020)

  • "Favorites" category added to preset manager. Right-click on preset to add it to Favorites

  • Fixed VST3 host window resizing issue with some Windows DAWs 

  • Fixed high-frequency aliasing artifacts potentially introduced at 44.1 kHz 

  • Fixed preset recall issue in Reason 

  • Fixed Pro Tools automation issue that can cause a freeze

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for zoom

  • Recent preset list persisting properly between sessions, and is shared between instances. 

  • Fixed custom user preset folder location not sticking 

  • Fix for saving preset while musical keyboard visible triggering notes

  • Fixed rare crashes with MIDI mapping

Build 42 (10/28/2020)

  • Fixes issue with LFO cutting out on notes held via sustain pedal 

  • LFO and Arpeggiator Clock reset even when not in sync mode at start of playback

1.0.18 (10/19/2020)

  • Plug-in now remembers last-used scaling

  • Plug-in now remembers last-used MIDI mappings. This can be disabled in the preferences

  • Fixed Pro Tools & Logic crash with mono tracks

  • Reverb & delay are flushed when the plug-in is reset, and synced LFO & Arpeggiator are reset

  • Only auto-launching installer updates (if preference is set) if interface has been shown

  • Fixed preset code to better handle presets names with illegal file characters such as /?*

  • Fixed channel pressure MIDI mapping

  • Fixed bug that could show duplicate preset collections with same name

  • Fixed rare automation bug during mix down

Build 40 (10/19/2020)

  • Improved chorus effect in multiple small ways to match the original Juno chorus, including not disrupting lower frequencies

  • Fixed manual entering of Arpeggiator rate slider value

  • Square wave LFO is now unipolar

  • LFO + Mod Wheel gain was too high

  • LFO Delay is now hooked up to the VCA LFO

  • LFO and Arpeggiator Rate Sliders now work in "reverse" order when Sync button is on in these sections, mirroring the slider behavior when Sync is off

  • "VCO" changed to "DCO" in the Bender section 

  • Slider cap art improved to more accurately reflect original hardware

1.0.17 (10/12/2020)

  • Fixed issues with resizing the DAW's plug-in's window, in some DAWs

  • Fixed some minor issues in preset browser

  • Fixed issues with deleting and restoring factory presets

  • macOS version now supports 10.9 and up (was 10.11 and up)

  • Show correct clover symbol for Control key in macOS menus

1.0.13 (10/01/2020)

  • Initial Release