Dreamsynth Version History

Build 128 (3/22/2022)

  • Polyphonic Aftertouch has been added as a polyphonic modulation source.

  • The behavior of the arpeggiator has been improved to be more useful in combination with setting the note range for the synth and strings sections.

  • The waveforms "Atonal 3" and "Atonal 6", "FM Bass 1", "Additive 1", "Addition 2", "Bottle 3", and the one-shot sample "Bro Kick" have improved loop points for smoother looping.

  • Tuning of "Shaku" sample has been improved, and presets using this waveform have been updated.

  • PCM sample playback is now brighter.

  • Fixed potential crash when using LFO's in one-shot mode with Sine Wave.

  • "Learn" mode did not work properly when the arpeggiator was turned on.

  • Ctrl-Click focus feature has been fixed.

Build 123 (3/17/2022)

  • Fixes click in Bottle 2 sample

1.0.7Build 122 (3/17/2022)

  • Initial Release