Eight Voice Testimonials

“As a rock keyboard player, one of the first things I look for in a synth are big gritty saw brass and dirty poly synths that can cut through guitars and drums. Eight Voice is inspired by the granddaddy of those iconic sounds and excels at them! I”

Phil Bennett Headshot
Phil Bennett

“The Eight Voice synth plugin from Cherry Audio sounds so authentic to the originals that I used with Prince back in the day that I couldn't tell the difference. Everything sounded warm and fat just like the original! In fact, I found presets that”

Dr. Fink Headshot
Dr. Fink
Prince and The Revolution

“Started using Eight Voice as soon as downloaded - it's so great to have those eight voices piled on top of each other and then edit them as a group, or smaller groups. It sounds so FAT! Great to have that zoom feature….. easy on the eye! Thanks”

Howard Jones
Legendary 80’s synthpop artist

“Bold and gorgeous classic OB tones, with an intuitive UI, I had my pedals mapped to filter cutoff & resonance in seconds. My new go-to VI for classic rock tones & more!”

Eric Levy Headshot
Eric Levy
Night Ranger

“Owning something very close to the experience of an Eight Voice for under $30 is close to astounding. To experience this instrument "back in the day" would have been a barely achievable dream for most young players. What a remarkable opportunity this”

Adrian Lee Headshot
Adrian Lee
Keyboardist, producer, film composer
Mike & The Mechanics, Toyah, Cliff Richard, Stephen Bishop, Joan Armatrading, Chris de Burgh, 10cc

“Wonderful. I have owned the TVS1 since 1976. I still use it to this day and it still sounds great. I have used it on many records and hundreds of gigs. I always wanted the Eight Voice. Always! WOW...your emulation is very nice. Thank you, I am really”

Richard Termini Headshot
Richard Termini
Educator/Film Director/Synthesizer Programmer/Player
Cyndi Lauper's platinum-selling album She's So Unusual, The Fixx, Patty Smyth

“Once again, Cherry Audio absolutely nails the sound of one of the most sought after (and extremely rare) monster vintage synthesizers ever made - the iconic Eight Voice. Here's your massive analog oscillators pumped through spot-on accurate filters,”

Dave Polich Headshot
Dave Polich
Music producer/sound designer/tour keyboard technician
Michael Jackson, David Foster, The Cure, Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Sequential, and more.

“This Eight Voice is amazing - you nailed it so hard! I’m definitely gonna use it onstage with Missing Persons for the “Walking In L.A.” riff. Super love it!”

Fred Bensi Headshot
Fred Bensi
Missing Persons

“As soon as I installed Eight Voice I was immediately taken back to the time of big and great synth sounds, and right away was writing and recording!”

Jim Gilmour Headshot
Jim Gilmour

“Cherry Audio has made what I consider to be the new gold standard of software poly synths. Huge sounding, great user interface and incredible preset library.”

Chris Coady Headshot
Chris Coady
Record Producer/Mixing Engineer
TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, and more.

“Just opened Eight Voice and really loving it. I had a real Two Voice Pro in my studio for a while and this synth is definitely giving me that feeling, but with extended polyphony!”

Julian Pollack Headshot
Julian Pollack

“The Eight Voice, my Final Fantasy… wow! This is just tremendous. I bought one of the first Four Voices when it came out - it looked amazing, sounded absolutely huge, and recorded great, but it was incredibly big and a nightmare to move. Even so, I”

Jezz Woodroffe Headshot
Jezz Woodroffe
Film composer/Keyboardist
Black Sabbath, Robert Plant

“Instant retro-lushness, right off the bat. The eight virtual Synthesizer Expander Modules lead to programming in a unique way, and opens the door for some rich signature sounds.”

Tom Brislin
Kansas, Yes, Meat Loaf, Debbie Harry, Spiraling, Camel, Renaissance

“Eight Voice totally has that unmistakable OB warm rasp. I couldn't stop playing the pads. You can hear those classic textures from the early Prince records in there. Brilliant job capturing the nuances and vibe of such a complex instrument. Kudos!”