Memorymode Testimonials

“I LOVE this thing!! Another game changer from Cherry Audio. People tend to remember the sound of the original Memorymoog, but don't often mention how it had one of the best and most user friendly front panels of any synthesizer.”

Chris Coady Headshot
Chris Coady
Record Producer/Mixing Engineer
TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, and more.

“I was struck by how well Memorymode emulated those fat Moog oscillators. The ability to add onboard effects is a big plus too. All in all, I was very impressed with the attention to detail and the presets.”

Dr. Fink Headshot
Dr. Fink
Prince and The Revolution

“I’ve been playing with the Memorymode and I’m really digging it! Some of the sounds it makes are incredible - I have all kinds of ideas swirling around in my head for productions, and can see myself using it in edgier pop tracks as well music for...”

Mat Teofilo Headshot
Mat Teofilo
Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Film Composer
Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Diplo

“I owned the Memorymoog from the year it was first introduced until about 1995, and used it mostly on records. It had a particular “cellophane”-like characteristic that I believe was in part generated by the oscillators’ outputs being able to...”

Richard Termini Headshot
Richard Termini
Educator/Film Director/Synthesizer Programmer/Player
Cyndi Lauper's platinum-selling album She's So Unusual, The Fixx, Patty Smyth

“The more time I spend with Memorymode, the more I like it... in fact it’s becoming quite addictive! It’s probably the most analog-sounding software synth I have ever heard; the depth of it is astounding.”

Jezz Woodroffe Headshot
Jezz Woodroffe
Film composer/Keyboardist
Black Sabbath, Robert Plant

“I have the same feeling and excitement as when I played the real one when Moog invited us down to Buffalo and gave Saga three of them! I’m going to enjoy reimagining old songs with this and writing new music also. Amazing! Love it!”

Jim Gilmour Headshot
Jim Gilmour

“Memorymode is outstanding, elegant, beautiful, and classic! The tone is so organic and sounds so lovely and warm. The GUI is a 10! Every single preset sounds incredible... I’ve gone through a huge amount of them and the lead sounds are my...”

Phil Bennett Headshot
Phil Bennett

“I literally just sold my Moog One synth. I thought I would have a sonic hole in my sound pallet, but here comes the brand-new Memorymode from Cherry Audio. This is awesome! Sounds great. And it is much more reliable/usable than the hardware...”

Michael Whalen Headshot
Michael Whalen
Emmy® Award-winning film & TV composer, and international recording artist

“All the “memories” without the nightmares. I cherished the sound of my vintage Memorymoog but had to let it go years back - it was just too unstable. Now, Cherry Audio has rewritten synth history AGAIN with the release of Memorymode! The tonal...”

Rick Allen Headshot
Rick Allen
Sound Designer
Disney, Sony Pictures, HBO, ABC, CBS, American Express, Cartoon Network, Nike, Starz Network, The United Nations, MasterCard, Hewlett Packard, Target, Logitech, Coca-Cola

“I’m absolutely loving this synth! The additions are really exceptionally designed and implemented, they look and feel like a part of the synth - The Drift knob is brilliant. Effects are right there, with just the right amount of control, Ensemble...”

Eric Levy Headshot
Eric Levy
Night Ranger

“Memorymode is a beast! You can always tell a great synth by its filter and this model is no exception. Warm, smooth, and character all come to mind. I've heard the hardware Memorymoog on so many of my favorite 80s records and Memorymode conjures...”

Christian Matthew Cullen Headshot
Christian Matthew Cullen
Keyboardist, sound designer
Night Ranger, Alan Parsons, Santana, Journey, Cheap Trick, Styx, The Motels, Starship, and many more

“I downloaded Memorymode and I immediately put it to good use in my current project. Once again, the presets from Cherry Audio are fabulous, and the interface makes it easy to customize.”

Tom Brislin
Kansas, Yes, Meat Loaf, Debbie Harry, Spiraling, Camel, Renaissance

“I bought my first Memorymoog back in 1983 and for the most part, I’ve never been without one in my collection. However, the Memorymode sounds so close that for the first time ever, I’m considering selling mine. The litmus test for me is factory...”